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halcyon /ˈhalsēən/ adj –  Characterized by happiness, great success, and prosperity.


Halcyon Advisory Group is more than a merchant services provider. Our primary goal is to provide you with personalized service and a resource to navigate the payment processing world and the business world beyond. Business owners go into business to focus on their product or services – but can easily get blindsided by everything else that comes along with it. Our founder, Andrew Diep, started Halcyon Advisory Group to help businesses with an honest and transparent approach. We work with each company like we’re a part of the team – striving to provide the best all-around service possible and tools for continued success. This includes helping you find the right payment processing vendors and equipment for your business needs – and connecting you with our trusted partners for other aspects of your business so you’ll always have a teammate in your corner. Contact us today to get started with a 100% free consultation!

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Our goal is to develop long-lasting relationships through competitive pricing, personal care, and professional recommendations. Relationships with multiple processors and vendors allow us the freedom to find the right combination of solutions to fit your needs without being limited to one set of products or services.

Payment Processing Services

As a business owner, you're likely bombarded with calls from credit card processors - each claiming they are the best in the business and can save you the most money. If each one is ``the best,`` which should you choose? We’re here to help you narrow down the field and make the best choice for your business.

Point of Sale Systems

There are hundreds of payment software and equipment options to choose from - and not all are what they seem. You may find a great price that comes with little support should anything break. Reputable companies often provide great service, but you might end up paying extra for a brand name. Halcyon will help you select the right combination of factors and avoid the pitfalls of bad vendors.

Business Partners

We work closely with trusted partners in many areas that fit your other business needs. Our goal is to be a resource partner for your business - not just our products or services. We're currently partnered with companies in marketing, web design, advertising, payroll, insurance, bookkeeping, system security, and much more.


Halcyon Advisory Group is here to walk you through the entire process of securing your payment processor and POS system. Here’s what you can expect after you contact us to get started.


A one-on-one meeting to discuss your needs. Don't worry - these are always 100% free!


We'll walk you through the application process for your rate and review all documents before we submit.

Program Presentation

With all the details worked out, we'll go over your program together to address any questions you may have.


Once we've secured your rate and your POS system is in hand, Halcyon will help you get it up and running.

Continuous Followups

We're in it for the long haul. We'll follow up with you and be there whenever you need help.
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